4 Secrets That Help To Avoid Heater Repair

While occasional heater repair is inevitable, if your system is frequently giving problems, it’s time you did something about it. You will be able to find out what’s wrong with the system and get some advice about what you can do to avoid it with a professional’s help.

  1. Maintain air filters

With your air filter trapping dirt and contaminants from circulating through the house with the heated air, it’s quite natural that they one day end up getting dirty and clogged. You have to clean the air filters periodically to ensure they don’t get saturated as this is when your heater uses more energy to push air through it. This not only increases your energy bills but can also lead to problems like overheating and system failure, and eventual heating repair.

  1. Proper air filter replacement

Some heating systems have multiple air filters which may eventually need replacement. The most common is the filter on the return air vents and on the furnace’s front or side. It’s important you use the right sized, high-quality filters for your system because filters come in different MERV ratings and levels of filtration.

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Using high-end’ filters can be detrimental to your heating system as their low porosity leads to improper airflow and consequent overheating. Replacing old filters with the wrong new filters can lead to unnecessary and preventable heater repair. This damage and repair are easily prevented by having home heater repair technicians do the proper air filter replacement for you.

  1. Install smoke detectors

There’s a chance of dust accumulating in the heater and ductwork if the furnace isn’t used for some time like during summer. This accumulation can trigger a burning smell when the heater is next used. While this s normal and should subside after one or two full cycles. If it doesn’t, it signifies a bigger problem wherein you have to switch off the unit and call professionals.

You may not always be at home when the smoke starts emancipating from the unit. This is why it’s always better to install smoke detectors if you have any form of the fuel-burning heating system. Also make sure the batteries are working so that they can detect smoke and trigger an alarm, and perhaps avoid a bigger problem and heater repair.

  1. Check gas heater’s pilot light

If you have a gas heater, make ensure the pilot light is lit. You need to immediately turn off the gas supply if you haven’t shut off the gas and if the light isn’t lit. do not light the pilot because has already filled the area surrounding the furnace.

You need to ventilate the area to let the gas clear and light the pilot only after a few hours. It’s, however, safe to move on to the next step if the pilot light is on. It’s when the pilot light is not lit or doesn’t stay lit that you have to switch off the gas and call the professionals to avoid possible heater repair.

Of course, regular maintaining and service by professional HVAC technicians are a foolproof means of preventing heater repair as they keep your unit well-serviced.


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