Common Problems With Electric Stoves

In the last few decades, the electric stove has gained lots of popularity, becoming the most preferred mode of cooking. Electric stoves consist of at least one or more coiled cooking elements. Electricity is their primary source of power, a factor that makes them extremely convenient cooking devices. What’s more, they are relatively affordable, and their installation is pretty simple. However, despite their versatility, there are always problems that can arise due to their continued application.

The good news is that you can potentially solve most of these issues on your own and avoid the expensive repair costs. For instance, if the burners on your stove cannot heat or even cannot produce light, you can usually solve these issues in a few minutes without straining too much. So what are some of the most common problems that can happen with your electric stove? Peruse through the article and find out.

electric stove troubleshooting

Your electric stove is failing to adjust heating levels.

Most individuals experience this kind of problem occasionally. With time, an electric stove may lose its ability to regulate the amount of heat it produces. You will notice that once a particular burner has been turned on, the level of heat can never be regulated. It reaches the highest heat mode and remains in this setting all through. The prospect of not being able to adjust the heat while cooking can be an awful experience especially when cooking any food that requires simmer mode. Again, besides producing different levels of heat, your stove could also fail to either turn on or off completely, regardless of the current setting. All support technicians agree that this particular problem occurs when the infinite switch connected to the dial which controls the power levels is faulty. The ultimate solution to this problem is replacing the damaged infinite switch. Before you decide to purchase the part, it is a magnificent idea to turn off the switches and examine the faulty burner with extreme care.

Your electric burner can’t heat.

For you to successfully diagnose this kind of problem, you’ll first have to clarify if your stove is limited to one or all of the burners. If the problem is with one particular burner, then you should check the heating coil as well as the connection. Turn off your electric stove and inspect the heating coil. As a safety precaution, your coil should cool entirely before you lay your bare hands on it. Well, you can now unplug it from the connection and look for visible signs of damage such as bubbles, cracks or even blisters. If the coil is okay, conduct a controlled test by changing it with another coil particularly of the same size and test both of them at once. This will allow you to determine if the problem is with the coil or your connection.electric stove repair

If you realise that the problem is with all the burners, then ultimately the conclusion should be that a larger electrical issue is to blame. This implies that you’ll have to seek the help of a qualified electrical contractor.

Your electric stove cannot produce light.

This is also a common problem homeowners experience with their stoves. When you turn on your power source and your stove repeatedly clicks when the dial is set to light, but there is no flame, then you will smell the gas. This means that your ignition switch is defective. On the other hand, if you cannot smell any gas, then probably there is a gas leak somewhere.

Your stove has loose coils.

As time goes, the electric stoves normally become worn out. As such, cracks, blisters or bubbles become visible especially on stoves that are used on a daily basis. If your burner is showing clear signs of normal wear and tear, you’ll be forced to replace it. This is because damaged or worn out burners are never repaired.

Loose coils typically happen when you regularly use large pans and pots on your burner. Gradually, your coils lose their connection with the terminals thus becoming free. As a result, the coil is most likely to fail to heat. This is a warning that you must always use the recommended size of the cooking vessel on every coil on your electric stove. It ensures that the burners remain firmly fitted.

There could be other problems with your electric stove, but perhaps the ones discussed above are the most common. If you are unable to conduct the repair on your own, then you should contact your local home appliance electrician Brighton for the assistance.

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