Comprehensive Resource of Valuable Home Electrical Safety Tips

Electricity is part of your everyday life from the second you wake up. Although it brings about numerous benefits, it is not easy to ignore the dangers that it can pose. Multiple fires break out because of electrical faults, something that can lead to severe injuries or even death.

It implies that you have to be careful when handling electricity to stay out of harm’s way. Here is a comprehensive list of some home electrical safety tips that you can work with.

Essential Safety For Appliances

  •      Only purchase approved appliances by trustworthy consumer laboratories. Be sure to follow the safety advice and warnings that come with the product.
  •      All appliances not in use should not be plugged in.
  •      Put away any cords that are not in use. They should be inaccessible to pets and children.
  •      Do not cover any warm appliances with toys, clothes, or any other items.
  •      Turn off appliances if they overheat so that they can cool off.
  •      Never touch appliances with wet hands
  •      Do not poke things into appliances with openings such as outlets or toasters.
  •      Turn off power before plugging or unplugging appliances
  •      Keep exhaust fans clean at all times

In The Kitchen

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The set of rules in regards to home electrical safety that you should follow in your cooking space include:

  •      Clean hot plates, ovens, and filters regularly to avoid dirt build up
  •      Use an exhaust fan or ventilation system to eliminate fumes
  •      Do not leave appliances turned on unattended as you go about other businesses around the house.

The bathroom

  •      Avoid using power and extension leads in wet places
  •      Always switch off and unplug appliances you are not using such as styling irons, hair dryers, electric razors, etc.
  •      Discard and replace any appliance that has been immersed in water.

Exercise Caution With Cordselectrical services

  •      Never use any cables that have splits, kinks or cracks.
  •      Firmly plug in the wires and ensure you only use them for their particular purpose. ( Nails or staples should not keep the cords in place).
  •      Do not try and attempt to modify the cords.
  •      Never let cables and electric wires meander under carpets.

Taking  Care of Outlets

  •      Remember to block any outlets that are not in use with childproof caps or solid cover plate.
  •      Use secure and robust plates to encase all outlets.
  •      Never overload the outlets. Instead, you should relocate the cords.
  •      Only the appropriate size of plugs should be in the outlet
  •      In the case of potentially dangerous scenarios like kitchens, pools, bathrooms and unfinished rooms use ground fault circuit interrupters should always.

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Safety Tweaks with Bulbs

Bulbs are not left out of the home electrical safety tips and some of the information you should be aware of include:

  •      Only use bulbs with the  correct wattage if you do not want overheating issues
  •      Screw in all the bulbs tightly as loose ones can cause sparks and shorts
  •      Switch off or unplug lights before replacing a bulb.
  •      Switch to CFL (compact fluorescent bulbs) as they are not only safer for the environment and your wallet, they also offer the same level of light at a lower voltage.

It should always be a wise choice to have a professional residential electrician to audit and solve your home electrical safety issues. Contact Quick Spark today and get your customized quote!

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