Town and Country Services provide different services to all our clients. Our wide range of service specialties is the reason why we have thousands of clients who are always looking forward to the services that we can offer. Check it and see for yourself.

Gas or Fireplace Tune-up

In a home, it is important that the things operated by fire or gas are well maintained for the security of the home. We can tune up burners and other things inside your homes that have anything to do with gas or fire.

Pond Maintenance

If you have a one of a kind type of home and there is a built-in pond, you understand that the maintenance of it is hard. However, the professional team we have can make sure that we can take care of your pond as well as the living organisms you have in there.

Pruning and Trimming

We can make sure that all your plants in the garden are well maintained and classy all the time. Gardening is something not everyone has the luxury to do. Aside from that, we can make sure that the design of your gardens will blend well in your home.

There are a lot of other services that you can get from Town and Country Services. Just send us an email at