How Often Should I have My Air Conditioning Unit Serviced?

Air conditioners are a must have for a lot of people, especially during the summer months where the sweltering heat can not only be uncomfortable, it can also be harmful. However, since air conditioners are machines, the unit’s filters, coils as well as fins need to be regularly maintained so that it functions efficiently. Negligence to necessary maintenance can be the main contributor to the decline of its performance as well as the increase of its energy consumption. This translates to a higher electric bill for you at the end of the month.

Air conditioning units, no matter what type should be ideally checked once a year even if you think there is nothing wrong with it. This proactive measure will not only make your unit’s life longer, but it can save you a lot of money on repair costs.

You can have your A/C unit serviced anytime, however, the best time to have the unit checked would be at springtime.

What Happens During Air Conditioner Service?

If you are curious on to how it works, here’s what typically happens during a routine air conditioning service:

The AC Filter and Fin Are Cleaned

The air filter when it’s not cleaned can collect a great amount of dust which can cause problems like ice formation, or the AC not being able to cool well. During an AC service, the technician will wash and clean the air filter as well as the condenser fins.

AC Condenser and Evaporator Coils Are Cleaned

The AC technician cleans the dirt from the condenser and evaporator coil as well as the other key components in the air conditioner unit.

The Drains Are Cleaned and Checked for Leakage

The technician will check if there is water dripping or pooling anywhere in the AC unit. The technician will also perform checks on the pipes and the tubes inside the AC unit for any leakage. Drains will also be cleaned to prevent water leakage problems.

The Coolant Level Will Be Checked

During a typical AC service, the technician will check the coolant level to make sure that it’s at the right level in the cooling coils. When the Freon ( coolant) is less than than the recommended amount, your AC unit might not cool properly.

The AC Unit Will Be Inspected as a Whole

After the AC tech has performed the basic inspection of the key unit like the fan motor, evaporator unit, thermostat, condenser unit, etc. for any problems. If there are any problems, during the AC service, then the technician will either replace the parts or repair.

How Much Does it Cost to Service an A/C?

Usually, a one-time maintenance cost visit from an A/C tech will cost somewhere in between $70-$100. If you want to opt for an annual contract, it usually costs around $150.

If you are interested in getting a yearly contract for maintenance, most HVAC companies that offer maintenance offer servicing contracts. These contracts can cost between $100-$150 per year. Some companies allow monthly payments for maintenance as well as discounts.

It’s worthwhile to mention that choosing to get a contract will give you more coverage compared to just paying for a single visit. And, if anything goes wrong in between maintenance, the technician will come and fix the issue.

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