What To Look For When Hiring An Electrical Contractor in Adelaide

As a homeowner, you’ll always experience some electrical issues. Electrical power outage to your business or home can be frustrating, inconvenient and above all, dangerous. The prospect of solving electrical problems and conducting electrical repairs can be a dangerous adventure, especially if you do not know what you are dealing with. This implies that any electrical issue should only be solved or examined by a qualified, reputable and an experienced electrical contractor.

Currently, there are many electrical contractors in Adelaide. With that in mind, the prospect of finding the best electrical technician can sometimes be an intimidating and a daunting task. So today in this particular post, we want to discuss in excruciating detail, the key things you should always keep in mind before hiring an individual electrician.


The Certifications

electrical servicesYou must always feel free to ask an electrical contractor about their certifications. If they are not in a position to answer the questions accordingly, then probably they aren’t the right contractor for the job. There are different levels of electrical training which an electrician must undergo before being awarded the certifications. They start out as an electrician apprentice and working under the direct supervision of a journeyman. At this level, both are under the overall monitoring of a master electrician. If you didn’t know, a master electrician boasts of the highest level of certification. They are more experienced than either a journeyman or an apprentice. To be more precise, a licence manifests verified experience as well as the examination requirements of a particular contractor.


Insurance and the bond details

Hiring an insured electrical contractor for your property projects to come with lots of benefits. Without proper and adequate insurance coverage, you could be responsible for any damages a contractor might cause, including an electrical fire and other related accidents. Damage to individuals or property to contractor negligence might be covered by this particular policy. Again, you should know that under certain circumstances you could be held liable for personal injury if the contractor is not insured.

On the other hand, a bonded electrical contractor in Adelaide has a work permit which is an assurance that your project meets the safety and construction codes. This also ensures that the work is conducted in a proper manner. What’s more, as a homeowner, you also get access to the recovery fund if the contractor abandons the project, or dies, or against any gross negligence by the electrician.


Experience is critical

residential electrical repairsElectricity is extremely hazardous to work around, typically if you haven’t trained to work safely in it. Moreover, any job done by an inexperienced contractor is itself a safety risk to your property. The longer an electrician has been on the job, and the more education he continues to gather, the more likely he will know the ins and outs of every electrical system. This implies that you should often opt for an electrician with vast expertise and knowledge.



A good and a reputable electrical contractor in Adelaide should always be willing to provide you with reliable and concrete recommendations if you ask for them. Any particular hesitation regarding the requested references should be a warning sign to you. References should give an idea of how that particular electrician has been conducting his duties.



It is essential for the electrical technician you hire to possess excellent communication skills. In fact, the contractor must be courteous, friendly, interested in solving your problem and should as well be willing to listen to your needs, preferences and concerns. Also, the contractor must be upfront about the costs and provide you with an estimate of how long the project will last.



On most occasions, solving your electrical need would mean replacing certain components of your electrical system. If the contractor is the one providing such replacement parts, they should as well offer a warranty. Inquire from them if the warranty covers labour, parts or both plus the duration of the coverage.


The contractor should be up to date with the latest National Electrical Code

Did you know that the National Electrical Code sets the standards for electrical work in your state? Again, these standards are regularly updated after every three years in most states. As a result, a good electrician will be up to date with the most current edition.

residential electrician

Would you resolve to handle your electrical problems on your own? No, you would most probably hire an electrical contractor. As with most issues in your house, electrical work is best left to qualified technicians. Do It Yourself projects are not bad since they are cost effective. However, when it comes to electrical equipment on your property, you should always hire a contractor. We have given you what you should look for before hiring one.

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