Simple Steps to Install a Ceiling Fan in Your House

Having a ceiling fan in your house can make a big difference in the summer. It is not only a more affordable option but also brings more benefits compared to other cooling and heating options.

Below are some simple steps to implement a ceiling fan installation in your house.

Step 1: Turn off the main power

Before installing or removing anything, keep in mind to cut the main power in your house by unscrewing the fuse or turning off the circuit breaker. After that, padlock all the panels if you could

Step 2: Locate the installing area

If your house does not have an existing central area for light fixtures, use the chalk lines to snap diagonal from the opposite room’s corners to locate the centre.

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Cut a large hole to slip the junction box in. If it is located next to the beam, you need to drill a hole on the side and attach it to the joist.

Step 3: Choose the right junction box

The only type of junction box that is suitable for a ceiling fan is metal. Never install your fan with a plastic one. Depending on the size, style, and brand of the ceiling fan as well as the electrical standard, you would use a 3 or 4-inch octagonal junction box.

Step 4: Prepare the right mounting

To install a ceiling fan to a beam, you need to use a special beamed mounting. Depending on the ceiling type, you might need to use an extender to get the fan to a more suitable level.

A fan mounting is especially necessary as any problems would make the fan fall from the top.

Step 5: Attach wait or blades

Fan assemblies are different from model to model. Thus, make sure to follow the instructions provided with your ceiling fan. In most cases, if the length of the screwdriver from the ceiling is greater than the blades, it is advisable to set them up before installing the fan.

Step 6: Connect the hanger pipe

This is the area where all electrical wires will be drawn up via the centre. Generally, you need to place it in the hole on the motor’s top. Make sure to tighten the screw securely so that the pipe would stay in a fixed place.

Step 7: Set up the mounting bracket

In this step, use lock washers and crews to install the mounting bracket. This will keep the ceiling fan from vibrating due to loosening screws.

Step 8: Wiring

Make sure to connect the white fan wires to the white house wires, and similarly, the black fan wires to the black house wires. In addition, the ceiling fan should be grounded electrically to the metal box. Generally, the grounding wires would be either bare copper or green. Consider wiring the fan via a speed control as it allows you to set the operating speed easily and smoothly.

Lastly, ensure that all wiring must be in accordance with the local electrical standards as well as the national electrical standard. This can be done by doing some research.


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