The Main Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

Weather fluctuations make many want to install an air conditioning system to cool their entire home and of the many AC systems around, ducted air conditioning Sydney is worth a try. This ducted system comprises an indoor and outdoor unit connected through flexible ducting.

This air conditioning system can either be installed in a new home or tailored to suit an existing one. Once installed, only its controller, discharge grills and return air are visible in your home. This is because the indoor unit is concealed in the ceiling or under the floor while the outdoor unit is discreetly located outside the house.

If you now wonder why you should invest in a ducted air conditioning system, you will be able to make a better decision after learning about its many benefits.

  • Ducted air conditioning systems help create a favourable and relaxed environment by air conditioning all the rooms in your house through the year.
  • You can easily set the central temperature and zone control using timers. If your baby is sleeping in a room, and you are worried about the AC getting too cold for her, you can also adjust the temperature from wherever you are, without entering her room and risk waking her up.
  • Moreover, the unit has a maximum of 6 individual air-conditioned zones to provide the needed flexibility and economy of cooling your home without wasting electricity. You can thus program it to keep the living room cool during the day, and bedrooms at night.
  • Ducted air conditioning Sydney is aesthetically pleasing as only its grills are visible. The ducted system does not in any way intrude your room’s look like wall hung units do.

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  • As these AC units offer even air distribution, you are assured there are no cold or hot spots in your home. Moreover, there is a wide variety of these AC units to choose from ranging from 7 to 27 kW cooling capacity, so there is something for every home!
  • Another reason you’ll love these AC units is that it is a very quiet air conditioning option as only one unit runs and makes noise. On the contrary, a split system gets very noisy with so many outdoor units working. Even if you look at things cost wise, it’s cheaper installing ducted air conditioning Sydney systems than installing a wall hung split system in all rooms.
  • Did you know that adding ducted air condition to your home also increased your home’s overall sale value? So it’s an investment well made, as you have nothing to repent about in the future, if and when you have to sell your house as your air conditioning system will fetch you a better price than expected.
  • Moreover, ducted air conditioning Sydney is cheaper to maintain as only one system has to be serviced and maintained per visit.


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