Tips to Help You Get By While Waiting for Air Conditioning Repair

The air conditioner is a luxurious comfort in most homes only until the unit stops working. If you could predict when your air-con would stop working, then you would get it fixed in time. Unfortunately, you never see it coming until you have to suffer through the discomfort of a hot summer day, without a functioning cooling system.

Without that service contract that you skipped or a major appliance insurance cover; you have to wait a couple of days or even weeks to get your cooling system fixed. Often, it is finances that keep you from getting emergency air conditioner repair services. So, what happens when you have to deal with such a situation, and the weather begs for some indoor cooling?

Here are some tips that can get you by while you wait for air conditioning repair.

Crank up the Fan

Obviously, this is for homeowners with a mounted, ceiling, or portable fans they can turn to during such a time. While they will not offer that chilled comfort the air-con system provides, fans can come to the rescue when needed.

The key to maximizing the use of fans is finding the right placement. Consider placing a standing or portable unit in a corner and removing obstructions in its path. If possible, get two or more additional fans to help you get through this period.

Cool Down with Drinks

As obvious as it sounds, grabbing a cold drink is a classic way to cool down on a hot summer day. Stock up some lemonade, freezer pops, snow cones, crushed ice, and slushies. It does not matter if you have children or not; these icy beverages can provide the much-needed cool down on a hot day.

Take your mind off the aircon by turning it into an opportunity to try out new recipes. Add some ice cream to the mix as a deserved treat if you have kids around.

Let the Air In

Open up all windows and doors leading to the yard to let as much air into your home. It may not Provide the controlled cold comfort you get from your aircon, but letting some fresh air circulate through the house helps a lot.

Likewise, you want to remove any obstructions around windows to allow as much air to get into your house.

Get Out of the House

Pull the beach chairs out of the garage and enjoy some fresh air outdoors. It gets everyone out of the house which is better than staying inside with no working air conditioning.

Also, there isn’t a better time to pick up those activities on your to-do list than such a time. It does not mean spending much, and it can be simple things like going to an air-conditioned movie theatre, the library, or the mall.

When waiting for air conditioning repair, it might seem like a lifetime. Often, you will get your system fixed within a matter of days. Either way, the out-of-the-box cooling methods outlined can help you get by while waiting for your AC to get fixed.

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